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New Creative Marketing Executive, Eddy!

New Creative Marketing Executive, Eddy!

In this role he will bring years of vital design experience and new creative ways of thinking to the team! He studied Visual Communication at Birmingham City University where he received a First Class Hons. His industry experience consists of being a Creative Artworker for THG Studios where he has worked with many top global brands internally such as MYP, LookFantastic, Glossy Box and brands externally too. He is used to a high intensity working environment where there are often multiple deadlines to turnaround.

Eddy has had experience as an in-house graphic designer where he has created concepts for campaigns which were print and digital based led. He is also highly skilled in illustration and animation which he transfers into his work. He also has had experience as an in-house graphic designer for the Fragrance Shop where he has created campaigns which consist of print, social, e-commerce, affiliates and CRM.

His exposure to different departments has favoured him to knowing more processes around the business which will benefit the team. Looking forward to working with you Eddy!

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