How To Make The Most Of Your Competitors

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While learning from your mistakes is always positive.

we see learning from the mistakes of others as even more beneficial. In a similar train of thought, competitors may seem like your opponents. However, if you understand how to use them, your competitors can be your greatest ally.

Simply put, if the only way you measure what posts work on social media is by looking at the results of your own posts, you’re missing out on the data from the rest of your industry. It’s unfortunate but true that your competitors will potentially be getting results from people who don’t even follow your page. That doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit you though…

Let’s talk about taking advantage of what your competitors post. You can easily tell how well one of their Instagram posts is doing by comparing the number of followers to the amount of engagement their posts are getting. If a post is getting an engagement rate of around 1-5% of their follower count, that type of post is performing significantly well, and you should consider looking at how you could make similar content.

Of course, this goes both ways. If one of their posts underperforms, you know what to stay away from too.

That being said, never completely copy what your competitors do. Not only is it unprofessional, but it’s also fairly obvious and could damage your brand. Instead, take inspiration and put your own spin on things. Can you advance what they posted, or maybe break down a part of what they spoke about? The best thing about developing on what others have done is that it shows your audience that you have the same, if not better, understanding of your industry without outright saying it.

This goes for engagement too. Take the best elements from your competitors’ posts and create your own, even better post. For example, if you want to run a competition post, look at an example from multiple competitors. See which ones got the best engagement, how they worded their captions, and what the focus of the image they used was. Try to see how you can use the successful elements from other posts to create your own, even more, effective post.

Remember, knowledge is power. Showing your knowledge on the current and hot topics in your industry and presenting them to a similar, or ideally higher, standard than your competitors can work absolute wonders for growing your audience.

Effectively put yourself in front of your audience.

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