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Looking for a new way to interact with your followers?

“Going Live” on Facebook could be a good option for you!  But what exactly does that mean?

Facebook Live is essentially just a way of broadcasting (live) to your followers from your smartphone or computer. The video will then show on your profile and appear on your followers’ feeds or on Facebook’s Watch platform. If you want, you can edit the video once the Live has ended and post it on your page!

Now we know what it is, how is it done?

Obviously, that depends on what you’re using to broadcast, so we’ll cover the two examples mentioned above; smartphone and computer.

For phones, you’ll start by accessing the page or account that you want to broadcast from. Then, you will tap the “What’s on your mind” section and tap “Live”. From here you can do quite a few things. You can tag others, maybe the people who you are with in your Live, to notify their friends. You can also tag locations, add polls, or even links! For example, this could be a good spot to add a recruitment link, as people can get an insight into your work environment and then easily apply. Once you’re happy with how you’ve customised your Live, you can tap “Start Live Video”, and then “Finish” once you’d like to end the Live. Simple stuff!

Now we have Live from computers, which has a few more steps. Most modern laptops have webcams and microphones built-in, but you may need to invest in some equipment if that isn’t something you have.

Once that’s all sorted, access the page you want to broadcast from and direct your attention to the “What’s on your mind?” area. At the bottom left of that box, you will see a “Live Video” button. Click that. Now you will be asked to choose whether you want to go live immediately or create a live event for the future. For this example, we’ll go for the immediate option. You may be prompted to allow Facebook to use your microphone and camera, go ahead and accept that prompt. Now, select webcam as your video source.

Finally, you have your customisation options… Give it a title, a description, and tag people and locations, the same as you could with a mobile Live. Computer Live gives you another option, a Donate button. This could be a fantastic tool to help you raise more funds, or even organise more fundraisers without having to have lots of people go to one place! Like the mobile Live, you’ll then click “Go Live” to start.

Whichever option you choose to broadcast, it can be a fantastic way to interact with your followers, gain new recruits or raise money for whatever cause you have. Stay tuned for more tips and advice for using Facebook Live!

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